The company’s original name was drafted as Southwind Technology, because registered address of company is on South Johnson Street, Iowa City, and the core founder Lee loves to sit at the front porch to appreciate the nice wind and scenery of the public park across the street. We have even designed a logo for the old company name.

However, two reasons forced us to change the company name when trying to register company:

  1. We found there is a company in town called Westwinds Real Estate, which has similar name but working in a totally different industry. This makes us reconsider if the company name matches the industry we are trying to focus on.
  2. To make it worse, while trying to register the company domain on GoDaddy, we unfortunately found that the southwindtechnology domain has been registered.

Thus, we were forced to rethink a name for the company.

We want to make our company name memorable, matching the industry characters. Importantly, we expect the domain still available. 

As mentioned in first blog, the founders are a group of STEM graduate students and post doctorates. We knew that scientific research is a hard, fun, suffering process for exploring, discovering, creating unknowns. Unsurprisingly, we will meet a lot unexpected results, failures in this long run, and Nice Try, we consider it a kind word from colleagues that can really comfort our broken-heart. Also, it is super memorable, just like BestBuy, GoDaddy etc.

After checking the domain still available, we registered the company name and domain with no hesitation. Sadly, we don’t watch sports, and we ignored its urban-dictionary meaning…… 

As business growing, we found it necessary to write this blog to clarify that we name our company nicetry with our best wishes and encouragement to all our researcher customers. And we hope you pardon the unnecessary bad association.

Hope you hear less ‘Nice try’ in your career while getting more Nice Results in your experiment!